If you have a County Court Judgment of £600 or more, or a High Court Writ to enforce Penham Excel High Court Enforcement Officers can help you.

We provide a fast, effective, professional service throughout England and Wales dedicated to the enforcement of High Court writs. The enforcement of such writs may only be carried out by or under the direction of High Court Enforcement Officers.

Our High Court Enforcement Officers are all practising Solicitors and our Enforcement Agents (previously known as Bailiffs) are directly employed, certificated and highly trained. 

Fast, easy instruction – one call does it all!

If you wish to enforce a County Court debt of £600 or more, (provided that the Judgment does not arise from a regulated agreement under the Consumer Credit Act), an Employment Tribunal Award or any High Court writ, then call us today and we will process it for you. You don’t have to complete any lengthy or complicated online forms – we do it all for you. 

Call us now on 033 000 20700

Our associated company Penham Excel Enforcement Agents has extensive experience in providing certificated enforcement agent services to local authorities and commercial property landlords throughout England & Wales. If you wish to have commercial rent arrears collected using CRAR (Commercial Rent and Recovery), or enforce common law rights of forfeiture, enforce other statutory payments, orders and charges or learn more about their Trace & Investigation service then you need to visit the Penham Excel Enforcement Agents website by clicking here to view our full range of services.